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A Better Way to Age... A Journey of Passion

Many years ago I asked myself a very important question: “ When I am 60 years old, do I want to look so spent, un-cared for, and old like my mom and her girlfriends.“ Even then, I knew the answer was NO. It was then that I committed to searching for another choice….a better solution! I needed to understand why we aged the way we did. I wanted a different destiny.

That was the beginning of my journey. Today many people know about the harmful ingredients found in cosmetics, personal care products, and food . But 30 years ago it was not so. I felt as though I was a pioneer in finding all natural ingredients that would dramatically impact the look and feel of my skin. As a result I began developing my own remedies. Nothing that I would buy at the store felt healthy enough for my skin. I knew then that the very best thing for my skin was an all-natural remedy which I made myself. My skin simply whispered to me. I needed only to listen and follow that inner voice which I did with great passion.

After seven very difficult years we mastered the process of naturally emulsifying all-natural ingredients offering the world a truly 100% Natural and Organic skin care line of products.

Your skin is the single largest living organ on your body. The reality is that whatever you are putting on your skin is it’s food. This is why my work has been such a deep passion for me. Offering people a truly healthy & natural solution for their skin.

HAVVN DNA, Toner, Cleansing Milk, Body Lotion, Baby Cream, & Eye Serum are the result of my 30 years of work and why I am so passionate about getting them out to the world.

We have developed unique products that are in harmony with nature, as well as with your skin, that contain no harmful toxins. Our products are an extension of our family’s commitment to life and nature.

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