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About Us

Jus International was founded in 2007 with its flagship product JUS. It began as a network marketing company and operated that way for several years. With the addition of two new product lines, in 2011 Jus International became HAVVN.

JUS was developed to be the premier antioxidant supplement product. Formulated from the most potent and diverse superfood and fruits from around the world, HAVVN JUS quickly became recognized as one of the best antioxidant products on the market. Committed to continuous improvement, in 2010 the leading antioxidant drink became better with the addition of more potent antioxidant ingredients including a mega-dose of the miracle ingredient resveratrol.

In 2010, HAVVN began to work with leading scientists and geneticists to explore an emerging science known as epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how our environment, including nutrition, impacts our genes which control our health and wellness. HAVVN created a partnership with the Center for Excellence in Nutritional Genomics at the University of California Davis. HAVVN also consulted with doctors and experts from the University of Rijeka in Europe, the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, and Duke University. Through this work HAVVN created GO Nutrition (Gene Optimized). GO Nutrition are products based on the cutting-edge science of epigenetics that work at the genetic level to reduce the risk of disease, slow aging, protect the cells, provide natural energy, improve mood, enhance focus, and improve quality of life.

In addition to the advancement with the nutrition products in 2010, HAVVN partnered with a European cosmetics manufacture specializing in natural beauty and skin care products. The exclusive partnership brought forth HAVVN DNA, a revolutionary 100% natural anti-aging skin care line. Rigorously tested with independent clinical trials, HAVVN DNA participants experienced measurable wrinkle reduction and other anti-aging benefits reflecting a healthy glow inside and out.

As a truly unique skincare product that is safe, natural, and effective the product line continued to grow over the years to come with the addition of the HAVVN Cleansing Milk, HAVVN Herbal Toner, HAVVN Eye Serum and others.

With a desire to enable more customers to enjoy their world-class products, in 2011 HAVVN became a direct to consumer company to which it stands today. Through superior customer support and an ever-growing product line HAVVN continues to support the idea of healthy living through all its products.

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