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DETOX - It's good for your cells!

Detoxification means removing poisons from your body. When the toxins are tucked inside your cells, they interfere with the cellular chemistry and decrease your body’s energy production. When they come out of the cell, they come back in contact with the nerves. This irritates the nerves and you feel it! When you first let the toxin into your body, your body gave you a sign that something was wrong. Maybe you had a headache or a runny nose. By ignoring that sign or taking some kind of medication to “cure” the symptom, you weren’t allowing your body to heal itself. Over the years more and more toxins are then getting stored into your cells. This can cause a multitude of problems ranging from a simple cold to something more serious like cancer. When you’re eating nutrient rich food, your body has the power to rid itself of the toxins! Unfortunately as the toxin leaves the body, those signs are going to come back! It’s so important at this point to allow your body to go through the whole detox process! Also remember that detoxing takes time. The older you are, the more toxins you have stored in your body. The way you treated your body over the years also reflects the amount of toxins in your body. Common Detox Symptoms Cravings – You will most likely crave the most toxic foods for your body. Everybody is different. It’s similar to a smoker trying to quit smoking or an alcoholic trying to stop drinking. That’s all your body wants both physically and mentally. It’s the same with food! Fatigue – When your body is fighting the toxins, all your energy goes into healing. This can leave you feeling exhausted. Irritability – This is mostly mental. You’re not hungry, but may be used to eating something out of boredom. This causes stress and irritability. Physical pains – These include aches and pains, nausea, headaches, runny nose, gastrointestinal disturbances, and sleep problems. Ways to Deal With Detox Symptoms Rest – When you’re fatigued, the best thing you can do for your body is to just rest and let it go through the healing process. Cleanse your colon – Colon cleansing can be done several ways. The simplest method is to administer an enema on yourself. Some more intense and time consuming methods would be colonic hydrotherapy or to use some sort of colon cleansing product. Drink water – Water helps to flush the toxins out and keep the colon moving. It also helps to keep your belly feeling full!
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